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Born inspiration!

Love this latest post from Gloria Silverstone. The fireplace that she used however, is not mine, nor are the items above and in front of it. The plant in the brownish pot is not mine, nor is the tallest one to the right of the television. Interesting to see her take on the room.

Gloria Silverstone

Sarasota LR Fish

Kyra Ishtari creator of Serendipity Designs used a Real Life photo as her inspiration for her latest release, the Sarasota Living Room.  The living room is a modern luxury retreat with charcoal grey couches and arm chairs, sleek glass and stainless steel coffee and end tables, and appointed with deep ocean teal accessories.  The set includes two sofas, two arm chairs, two glass end tables, one coffee table with books, tulip and glass fish decor, fireplace with TV unit, two pecan asian side boards with teal vases, two glass lamps with accessories, ocean triptych, jute rug, and potted plants.  When I step into the living space, I’m immediately transported to a breezy elegant Floridian estate with crisp white shutter windows, sand coated wide wood plank floors and whispers of the sea crashing on shore.  I love the dark toned furniture, rich textures of the jute rug, and excellent attention to detail in the…

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Carolina Driftwood


carolina driftwood

Serendipity Designs – Carolina Driftwood

This gorgeous new bedroom from Serendipity Designs comes with:

  • bed
  • dresser
  • mirror
  • Tropical Houseplant
  • nightstand
  •  Bedside Lamp
  • Bench
  • Pink Bermuda paiting
  • Seagrass Rug
  • and more

It is a fantastic option for who wants match a smooth style.

Taxi to Serendipity Designs.

Alon Alphaville

(Hot SL Pixels)

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‘Star Wars’ Gets The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Trailer Treatment And It’s Delightful

Ok so this isn’t store related.. or even Second Life related, but… it’s SO worth the 2 1/2 minutes to watch it… LOVED it!


So this is just a well-timed mashup. With Guardians of the Galaxy fever rising and the internet seemingly unable to get through a single twenty-four hour cycle without some breaking Star Wars news hitting, it only makes sense to mashup the best sci fi trailer of the year with the soon-to-be modernized trilogy that set the standard.

Moral of the story: “Spirit in the Sky” + “Hooked on a Feeling” could make The English Patient feel like a non-stop funfest, but the combo works especially well with Star Wars. A+ editing.

Via r/Movies

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Carolina On My Mind

Gloria Silverstone once again gives me best goose bumps when she blogs my items! She’s amazing and her attention to detail it bar none! Kudos honey! You rock!

Gloria Silverstone

LR overview- cropped

As promised, I’m back with the complete styled Serendipity Designs Carolina Driftwood Living Room set, an exclusive discounted release for group members ONLY starting tomorrow, Sunday, June 15, 2014.  Join the Serendipity Designs group for $100L and get the Carolina Driftwood Living Room set for 50% off, plus don’t forget to grab all the group gifts under the stairs. (And, if you would be so kind, like Serendipity Designs on Facebook and creator Kyra Ishtari vows to release another gift when we hit 100 FB “likes”!)

Overview of Carolina Driftwood Living Room

The Carolina Driftwood Living Room is a wash of soft cool blues and bleached birch driftwood.  The combination of natural wood with the linen and cotton-covered sofa, arm-chair and lounge creates the ideal restful spot.  The Carolina Driftwood Living Room is contemporary with clean lines, over stuffed pillows, matching tables and ottomans, and corresponding furnishings.  It’s simply the perfect collection for a…

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Sweet Carolina

Gloria Silverstone has done a PHENOMENAL job blogging the Carolina Driftwood bedroom. I couldn’t be more thrilled with it and can’t wait to see the next one! 🙂

Gloria Silverstone

Carolina Driftwood Bedroom Suite

Oh the heat is starting to rise, the air is sticky, and the wind is still.  Summer is here!  We need a serene escape for the summer months.  Fabulous Kyra Ishtari, creator of Serendipity Designsis offering the Carolina Driftwood Bedroom set 50% off until Sunday, June 15, 2014!  The birch wood canopy bed with organic free formed tree trunk frame, adorned in soft cool blue foliage printed duvet and draped curtains, is so soothing you will want to crawl in and drift away.  Ms. Ishtari designed a matching dresser, night stands, lamps, geometric mirror, plants, sisal rug, and a bench that could be used inside or on your deck.  There are also beach shore prints that will transport you to the Carolina shore with white sand beaches, rolling waves, sea grass, weathered uneven picket fences, sea gulls, and calm crystal blue water waiting for you to dive in!  Oh…

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